Salve_ The On-life Agency

Salve is now ABC. What changed?

Nothing has changed and, at the same time, everything is changing.
The Salve you've always known will still be here.
A new Salve is coming.

The Salve you've always known is the people who work for you every day.
The building is the same, the phone number is the same, and the coffee is the same.

But even things that remain the same can improve.
And that's the idea.

Recently we joined Grupo ABC.
And we've been selected to be a part of one of the largest communications groups in the world. A group that sees digital as the great advertising territory of the twenty first century.
The place for experiences, emotions and laughs.
The place for purchasing content, services and products.
The place that has been familiar to Salve from day one.

Salve is now ABC. 
And ABC is investing on digital and on Salve.


The twentieth century was the century of the car, just as it was the century of the television.

A car in the garage and a TV in every room.
That was the rule.

The century has changed. The rules have changed.

The bike has begun to reclaim its space.
Our daily life is increasingly more digital.

People who drive cars also ride bikes and take the subway.
Television viewers are also web surfers and gamers.

The concepts of below and above the line no longer exist.
The line between online and offline is blurred.
The lines have become imaginary.

You research clothes online and buy them at the mall. You examine a fruit at the market and order it online.

What matters are our experiences. What matters is our positive interaction with brands and products.

We are no longer on-line or off-line.
We are on-life.

On-life also refers to the Salve way of working and respecting the lives of every employee and supplier. We do not live to work.
We work so we can live well.
That way we are happy, even on Monday mornings : )

Carlos Pitchu - CEO
With an undergraduate degree in Product Design and an MBA with a focus on Marketing, he became an internet entrepreneur in 1995, leading digital agencies and dotcom operations. He helped conceive and establish entities that represent Brazilian digital agencies and has recently joined the body of specialized faculty at FGV's Digital Communications Master's Program.

Luís Renato Lui - Director of Client Services
After graduating from PUC Campinas, he specialized in Marketing and Communications at UC Berkeley. Lui understands both sides of the table: agency and client. This essential balance is the product of his 20-year career that brought him to agencies like Fischer Justus, Africa, Wunderman, Leo Burnett and Cheil, and also to Embraer.

James Scavone - Chief Creative Officer
With a degree in Social Communications from FAAP and another in Philosophy from USP-FFLCH, he started his career as a photography assistant and went on to become art director. He moved over to the copywriting side of the office when he realized that he always wrote the titles for his layouts. He has a growing collection of prizes for direct, promo and digital. He is also a frequent blogger and columnist with pieces in various advertising and literature websites, magazines and newspapers.

Ricardo Schreiner - Chief Experience Officer
With a degree from FAAP, he is a pure digital designer, an UXdesign pioneer, and obsessed with usability. He is also an amateur photographer, stencil artist and collector. Over his career he has had a number of cases and websites that have received national and international awards.